APL Apollo Tubes is expanding its tube manufacturing capacity in Tamil Nadu.

June 6, 2015

Steel Pipes & Tubes

Status: Under Implementation

Promoter: APL Apollo Tubes

Project: Expanding its tube manufacturing capacity

Location: Hosur, dist. Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

Capacity: The capacity will be augmented from 23,000 TPM to 33,000 TPM.

Current Status: Part of the machinery has been ordered from Italy and partly procured locally. Civil work is in progress and the project is scheduled for completion in 2016.

Ami Lifesciences proposes expansion of its synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing unit in dist. Vadodara, Gujarat.

June 6, 2015

Organic, Inorganic & Speciality Chemical

Status: Planning

Promoter: Ami Lifesciences

Project: Proposes expansion of its synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing unit (viz. pharmaceutical bulk drugs & drug intermediates)

Location: Padra, dist. Vadodara, Gujarat

Capacity: To be expanded from 65.70 TPM to 131.60 TPM

Cost: The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 87.046 million

Environmental Consultant: Envisafe Environment Consultants.

Project Details: According to MoEF sources, total plot area is 23,760 Sq. mtrs (Existing 10270 Sq. mtrs and 13490 Sq. mtrs for expansion). The unit currently manufactures 2 TPM 1- Acetyl Naphthalene, 1 TPM 2- Acetyl Naphthalene, 6 TPM itopide HCl, 1.20 TPM loxapine succinate, 0.30 TPM amoxapine, 6 TPM venlafaxine, 6 TPM progunil HCl, 6 TPM CB-2-L-Valine, 0.60 TPM nateglinide, 0.60 TPM quetiapine, 24 TPM carbomazepin and 12 TPM oxacarbomazepin. The expansion will involve addition of new products namely, 30 TPM pure rutin, 20 TPM quercetin, 15 TPM doxofylline, 15 TPM troxerutin, 5 TPM ambroxol hydrochloride and its intermediate (2 Amino 3, 5-dibromo Benzaldehyde), 5 TPM itopride hydrochloride, 3 TPM febuxostat, 3 TPM fexofenadine hydrochloride, 3 TPM N-Methyl-1-Naphthyl methylamine HCI, 3 TPM acebrophylline, 3 TPM diacerein, 2.30 TPM crude diacerein, 2 TPM iron polymaltose, 2 TPM choline fenofibrate, 2 TPM tranexamic acid, 2 TPM flavoxate hydrochloride & intermediate (3- Methylflavone-8-Carboxylic Acid), 2 TPM S-Metoprolol succinate, 2 TPM betahistine dihydrochloride, 1 TPM xanthinol nicotinate, a 1 TPM fenofibrate, 1 TPM pamabrom, 1 TPM venlafexine hydrochloride, 1 TPM tadalafil, 1 TPM tapentadol hydrochloride, 1 TPM linezolid, 1 TPM eslocarbazepine acetate, 1 TPM sevelamer carbonate, 1 TPM sevelamer hydrochloride, 0.50 TPM desmethyl venlafexine succinate monohydrate, 0.50 TPM alpha lipoic acid, 0.50 TPM L-Methylfolate, 0.25 TPM dapoxetine hydrochloride, 0.20 TPM tauroursodeoxycholic acid, 0.10 TPM indapamide, 0.10 TPM azilsartanmedoxomil potassium salt, 0.10 TPM proguanilhydrchloride and 00.5 TPM olopatadine hydrochloride.

Water requirement from ground water source will be increased from 34.53 cu. mtrs/day to 181 cu. mtrs/day after expansion. Effluent generation will be increased from 9.35 cu. mtrs/day to 79.5 cu. mtrs/day after expansion. Highly concentrated effluent will be sent to captive incinerator for incineration. Remaining effluent (70 m3/day ) will be treated in the ETP comprising primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. Treated effluent will be sent to CETP for further treatment. ETP sludge, inorganic residue and incineration ash will be sent to TSDF. Spent carbon, organic residue will be sent to incinerator.

Anupam Rasayan India is implementing a chloro benzene compounds manufacturing project in dist. Surat, Gujarat.

June 6, 2015

Organic, Inorganic & Specialty Chemicals

Status: Under Implementation

Promoter: Anupam Rasayan India

Project: Setting up a chloro benzene compounds manufacturing project

Location: Sachin, dist. Surat, Gujarat.

Environmental consultant: Aqua-Air Environmental Engineers is the environmental consultant.

Current Status: Civil work is in progress and the project is scheduled for completion in May 2015.

Federation is planning a dairy plant and a milk powder plant in dist. Sitamarhi, Bihar.

June 6, 2015

Dairy Products

Status: Planning Stage

Promoter: Bihar State Milk Co-operative Federation

Project: Plans 400,000 ltrs/day dairy plant and a 30 TPD milk powder plant

Location: Dist. Sitamarhi, Bihar

Engineering Consultant: Creative Group is the engineering consultant.

Current Status: DPR is under preparation. Tenders are yet to be invited for selection of contractors. The project is planned for completion in 18 months from zero date.

Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation is planning to construct a bus depot in dist. Bhagalpur, Bihar.

June 6, 2015

Road Transport

Status: Planning Stage

Promoter: Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation

Project: plans to construct a bus depot

Location: Naugachia, dist. Bhagalpur, Bihar under Nagar Panchayat, Bhagalpur

Cost: The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 18.335 million

Current Status: E-tenders have been invited. The last date for submission of hard copy of bid is 2nd May, 2015. The contract duration is 6 months.

Geoenpro Petroleum proposes drilling of development wells and exploratory/appraisal wells in dist. Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh.

June 6, 2015

Oil & Gas Exploration & Extraction

Status: Planning Stage

Promoter: Geoenpro Petroleum proposes

Project: Plans drilling of 40 development wells and 5 exploratory/appraisal wells

Location: In Kharsang Oil Field (KOF), dist. Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh

Cost: The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 7200 million

Project Detail: According to MoEF sources, total mining lease area is 11 Sq. Kms. Present production rate of oil and gas is around 1500 BOPD and 50,000 Cu. mtrs/ day respectively. 94.712 hectares of forest land is involved. Water (50 cu. mtrs/ day) from the nearby river will be drawn during drilling activities. Waste generated from the KOF is mainly in the form of formation water and minor sludge. An effluent treatment plant (ETP) with treating capacity of 200 KLD is already operational in KOF. Power requirement will be met from the existing power house. KOF is equipped with 3 gas fired gensets (1×450 KVA and 2×180 KVA) and one diesel genset (1×170 KVA) to meet the power requirement. Forest clearance is to be obtained for 94.712 hectares forest land. Public hearing has been conducted.

Government Of India is planning a railway design centre in dist. Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

June 6, 2015


Status: Planning Stage

Promoter: Government Of India

Project: Plans a railway design centre at NID Campus

Location: Dist. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Project Details: An MoU was signed between Ministry of Railways and National Institute Of Design (NID) to develop the centre. The centre will be operated by the interest accrued on the endowment fund of Rs. 100 million. The endowment fund for this purpose is being deposited by the Ministry of Railways. Centre will be developing new concepts in design & innovations in various fields of railway functioning, like passenger amenities at station areas and in trains, improvement to coach layouts, environmental issues, various maintenance tools, IT & communication issues etc. The MoU will be for a period of 10 years, which can be further extended as mutually agreed.


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