Shantha Biotechnics has commissioned a new vaccine production facility in Telangana

Drugs & Pharma

Status: Commissioned

Promoter: Shantha Biotechnics

Project: Commissioned a new vaccine production facility

Location: Village Muppireddypally, dist. Medak, Telangana.

Project Details: Construction of the 19,000 sq. mtrs facility began in 2010 and the site is now ready for operations post approval from the Indian regulatory authorities and the World Health Organization. The new filling facility will be used for producing vaccines against multiple diseases, starting with Shan5, pediatric pentavalent vaccine, which provides protection against five diseases in one shot. This site is a part of over Rs. 55,000 million investments undertaken by Sanofi since acquisition of Shantha Biotechnics. Commercial production commenced on 25th May, 2016. An insulin plant being set up with Rs. 4,500 million by the company in the same location is expected to be ready in about a year. According to media reports, the cost of the project is Rs. 2,500 million. This year’s target is to produce 10 million doses of vaccine in the new plant but it could be scaled up to produce up to 30 million doses going forward. It will be used to cater to the requirements of Sanofi as well domestic market.


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