Essar Oil is planning an expansion of fuel retail outlets across India.

LPG / LNG storage & distribution

Status: Planning Stage

Promoter: Essar Oil

Project: Plans an expansion of fuel retail outlets from 1,500 Nos. to 5,000 Nos

Location: Across India

Project Details: 1,400 outlets are in various stages of implementation. According to media reports, it is planning to set up another 2,100, taking the total tally to 5,000. The company has been doing sales of 1.8 million kilo ltrs of fuel per month and plans to take it to three million kilo ltrs by the end of this year. In its expansion drive, Essar has fuel retail outlets under all formats-company owned, company operated (Coco), company owned, dealer operated (Codo) and dealer owned, dealer operated (Dodo). The company plans 10 per cent of the 3,000 outlets under the CoCo format. Essar has so far invested around Rs. 100 million in CoCo outlets. Going forward, it would invest Rs. 3000-3500 million in these. On an average, a CoCo outlet requires an investment of Rs. 10-15 million.

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