Airports Authority Of India proposes extension of runway, expansion of apron in dist. Raipur, Chhattisgarh.


Status: Planning Stage

Promoter: Airports Authority Of India

Project: Proposes extension of runway, expansion of apron at Swami Vivekananda Airport

Location: Dist. Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Cost: The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 1,035 million.

The current status of the project could not be ascertained. According to MoEF sources, the project will envisage extension of runway, expansion of apron suitable for D type aircraft and other associated works. ABC Techno Labs India is the environmental consultant. The Airport is having runway 06/24 of dimension 2286 m x 45 m, with PCN 50/F/B./W/T suitable for A-320 type of aircraft. There is a demand from Airlines to extend the Runway by at least 900 ft and if possible to 11000 ft to facilitate international operations.

The proposed extension will include:

i) Extension of runway by 965 mtrs x 45 mtrs towards runway 24 beginning to make the operational runway dimension 3251 mtrs x 45 mtrs. The PCN value of entire runway is to be made suitable for A310-200 (Code ‘D’) type of aircraft.
ii) Provision of 7.5 mtrs wide shoulders on either side of extended runway.
iii) Provision of overrun (60 mtrs x 45 mtrs) and turning pad for extended runway.
iv) Provision of RESA of 240 mtrs x 90 mtrs dimension at 24 beginning of runway.
v) Resurfacing of existing runway and shoulders 06 /24.
vi) Expansion of apron on East side by 88 mtrs x 103 mtrs to park two additional one A310-200 (Code ‘D’) / B737-900 and one A321 (Code ‘C’) type of aircrafts.
vii) Dismantling of existing shoulders on East side of apron, and overrun at 24 beginning of runway.
viii) Widening of shoulders of existing apron and taxi tracks from 3.5 m width to 7.5 m. Shoulder on East side to be of full strength and others of normal strength.
ix) Construction of new isolation bay of size 91 mtrs x 77 mtrs suitable for A310-200 type of aircraft including 7.5 mtrs wide shoulders.
x) Development of basic strip for runway extension and leveling/grading work for apron expansion and isolation bay. xi) Provision of 10550 mtrs x 5 mtrs perimeter road all around the periphery of boundary wall in the proposed extension of runway, vehicular lane for apron 180 mtrs x 5 mtrs, 1.25 mtrs wide berms on either side of perimeter road.
xii) 08 nos. watch towers for new acquired land.
xiii) Provision of drainage and rain water harvesting system on either side of runway beyond 150 mtrs from the centre line of runway.
xiv) Provision of RCC box culvert (60 mtrs length) of opening size 1 mtr x 1 mtr below runway for aircraft load and half strength RCC box culvert of same size beyond runway upto basic strip 150 mtrs on either side of runway to facilitate cable crossing.
xv) Provision of GSE & appropriate hard stand area of 2900 sq. mtrs.
xvi) Construction of new localizer and glide path buildings and connecting roads 200 mtrs x 5 mtrs. and other associated works. The total area of the existing airport is 287.648 hectares and additional land is 128.662 hectares which has been acquired by NRDA (Naya Raipur Development Authority) and handed over to AAI. [Info as of: May ’15]


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