Bharat Petroleum Corporation is planning a Diesel Hydro Treatment Unit (DHT) & associated facilities in dist. Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra.

Petroleum refining

Status: Planning Stage

Promoter: Bharat Petroleum Corporation

Project: Plans 2.6 MTPA Diesel Hydro Treatment Unit (DHT) & associated facilities

Location: Chembur, Mumbai , Maharashtra.

Project Detail: According to MoEF sources, BPCL intends to set up a Diesel HydroTreater (DHT) unit to produce diesel conforming to BS-IV/V norms. DHT would hydrotreat diesel, kerosene and naphtha streams (with Diesel product from new DHT unit conforming to 8 ppmw sulphur). Along with DHT unit, the following associated facilities will be installed;

1) Revamp of existing Hydrogen Generation Unit – II (HGU-II) to meet the additional hydrogen requirement for DHT.

2) New Amine Regeneration Unit (ARU)

3) Sour Water Stripper Unit (SWS) to treat additional sour water generated from DHT.

4) Revamp of all four SRU trains to meet the additional acid gas processing.

5) New Gas Turbine (GT) with Heat Recovery and Steam Generator (HRSG) for additional power and steam requirements.

Implementation of this project will enable Mumbai refinery to increase BS-IV HSD production from 3.5 MTPA to 5.9 MTPA. Proposed DHT unit will be installed in existing tank farm area comprising of tanks 501, 502, 503, 504 & 508. The above tanks will be removed after reallocation of existing tanks on these services (Plot Area of 52 x 203 meters approx.). Power and steam requirement will be met from proposed new Gas Turbine (GT) combined with Heat Recovery and Steam Generator (HRSG) system. A debt to equity ratio of 1.5:1 is considered.

Current Status: Removal space clearance work is in progress. The project is waiting for environmental clearance. Work on the project is expected to commence in July 2015 and is planned forh 2017. completion in Marc


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