Astrica Laboratories is implementing a synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing project in dist. Medak, Telangana.


Status: Under Implementation

Promoter: Astrica Laboratories

Project: Setting up of a 240 TPA synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing project

Location: Ananthsagar Village, dist. Medak, Telangana

Project Cost: Rs. 78.8 million.

Environmental Consultant: Team Labs & Consultants

Project Details: The project will come up on 6.97 acres. According to MoEF sources, it is proposed to treat all HTDS effluent in stripper followed by MEE and ATFD. All LTDS effluent including domestic effluent shall be treated in biological treatment followed by RO system. RO rejects sent to MEE and permeate is used for cooling towers as make up. Solid wastes are generated from the process, solvent distillation, collection/neutralization tank, waste oil from DG sets, used batteries from DG sets. The ash from boiler is sold to brick manufacturers. The solid wastes; evaporation salts, wastes from the process in inorganic form i.e., process salts and filtration aids shall be disposed to the TSDF, while the hazardous wastes of organic nature i.e., distillation residues shall be disposed to authorized cement units and other wastes like used oil and used batteries shall be sent to authorized recyclers. The sludge from treatment plant shall be sent to TSDF. The basic technology involved in the manufacturing of bulk drugs is the process kettles, heat exchangers, centrifuges, and storage tanks. To support the process, equipment boilers, chilling plants, cooling towers, etc. are required. All the above equipment can be sourced indigenously.

Current Status: 80% of civil work has been completed. Remaining 20% civil work is in progress. The project is scheduled for completion in December 2015.


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