Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is planning to construct a multilevel parking building.

Commercial Complexes

Status: Planning Stage
Promoter: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Project: Multilevel parking building
Location: Navrangpura, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Contractor: Hitesh Contractor
Current Status: As of September 2013, the project is in planning stage and is planned for completion in 2015. According to media reports, the parking building will come up over 4,993 Sq.Mtr area of plot no. 268/2. The design work is completed by consultant LJ Purani. Rs. 537.4 million tender has been prepared with approximate cost of Rs. 606.4 million. The corporation has received tender proposals and scrutiny process is on. Lowest tender will be forwarded to Road and building committee after which Standing committee will finally approve the order.
The process is likely to end in a couple of months. The building will have 2 basement floors plus a ground floor plus 4 upper floors. Shops and offices are to be built on ground floor and first floor. Basement 1, will have capacity to accommodate 143 cars and 417 two-wheelers. Basement 2, will accommodate 143 cars and 451 two-wheelers, ground floor 116 two-wheelers, second, third and fourth terrace will have capacity to park 123 cars. Car owner/driver will need to park his/her car on own in this ramp style building. The ground floor will offer 4220.44 Sq.Mtr and first floor will offer 4,408.15 Sq.Mtr total 8625.59 Sq.Mtr commercial area for sales. Commercial space will offer around Rs. 380 million revenue to Municipal Corporation.


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