Inkel invites request for participation to construct the multi-purpose building Inkel Tower-2 in dist. Ernakulam, Kerala.

Commercial Complexes

Status: Planning Stage
Promoter: Inkel Limited
Project: multi-purpose building
Product: multi-purpose building Inkel Tower-2
Location: Angamaly, dist. Ernakulam, Kerala
Current Status: The last date for submission of documents is 31st July, 2013. Out of the 5.55 acres of land, the company has already completed INKEL Tower-1 building in an area of almost 3.1 acres of land and is operational. The built-up area for INKEL Tower-2 is 2.45 acres. The company has leasehold right on the 5.55 acres land for 85 years with provision for renewal at expiry of lease period and have mortgage right on the leasehold rights. The investor has to build a multipurpose building which can be used for non-polluting environment friendly enterprises/services (like Electronics, IT/ITES, Banking, Financial Services, Avionics, Office Space, Apparel, Light Engineering, Warehousing, and Logistics) and other service sectors. The construction has to conform to KMBR/ NBC. The proposed multipurpose building (INKEL Tower-2) at Angamaly need to have built up space with fire-fighting system, provision for adequate power & water supply, parking facility, space for food courts, passenger & material lifts and all other allied infrastructure facilities.


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