Cochin Port Trust is planning an outer harbour in dist. Ernakulam, Kerala.

Ports & Harbours

Status: Planning Stage
Promoter: Cochin Port Trust
Project: Outer harbour
Location: Off SEZ Puthuvypeen, Kochi, dist. Ernakulam, Kerala.
Cost: Rs. 80 billion.
Consultant: I-maritime Consultancy / & CWPRS
Current status: As of May 2013, the project is in planning stage and is planned for completion in 5 years from zero date. The project will consist of:
1. Development of two breakwaters to the extent of 6 km from shore.
2. Construction of port structures: separate facilities for handling liquid and container cargoes. Preliminary studies reveal that breakwaters can also be leveraged to develop an Outer Harbour, with about 7,000 m of berths and approx. 2,000 acres of land west of Puthuvypeen.
3. Construction of port structures for a new Container Transshipment Terminal that will handle 12000+ TEU vessels and higher generations, other terminals for handling bulk & liquid products, rail and road connectivity.
4. Transshipment Container Terminal with an initial capacity of 5 million TEUs (62.5 million tons) and other terminals handling bulk and liquid products to the extent of 40 million tons.


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