KPR Fertilisers plans to manufacture dimethyl sulphate, linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid, alum (ferric/non-ferric) and chlorosulphonic acid.


Status: Planning Stage
Promoter: KPR Fertilisers, belonging to the KPR Group
Project: Plans to set up a chemical manufacturing unit
Product/Capacity: Dimethyl sulphate (50 TPD), Linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid (40 TPD), alum (ferric/non-ferric) (50 TPD) and chlorosulphonic acid (50 TPD).
Project Cost: Rs. 200 million
Location: Village Biccavolu, dist. East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh.
Current Status: As October 2012, work on the project is expected to commence in January 2013 and is planned for completion in December 2013. The unit currently manufactures 500 TPD single super phosphate, 800 TPD NPK mixtures, 30 TPD di-calcium phosphate and 300 TPD sulphuric acid and has a 3 MW co-generation power project.


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