Hindustan Petroleum Corporation is planning to lay the cross-country multiproduct white oil spur pipeline.

Oil & gas pipelines

Status: Planning Stage
Promoter: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation
Project: Laying of cross country multiproduct white oil spur pipeline
Location: From existing Awa Pumping Station, dist. Pali of MDPL to existing marketing depot at Salawas, near Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
Current Status: As of October 2012, the project had been submitted in the 1st Reconstituted Expert Appraisal Committee (Industry) held on 25th September, 2012. Phase-I is expected to be completed by 2018-19 and phase-II by 2023-24.The pipeline will transport MS, HSD & SKO. The throughput of phase-I is 0.42 MTPA and that of phase-II is 0.51 MTPA. This pipeline will result in savings in road transportation that are likely to be generated, by feeding the Salawas depot via pipeline, instead of the present arrangement of feeding from Ajmer and Jaipur depots via road movement. The product shall be made available from the existing Mundra-Delhi Pipeline.


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